About Redwood Media Group

At Redwood Media Group, we’re passionate about helping artists, gallery owners and publishers to succeed. In today’s changing marketplace, it takes a combination of talent, drive, networking, and marketing to thrive. That’s where we come in. Bringing artists and industry professionals together is what we do best! We can bring you more exposure and help you grow your business through fine art exhibitions, art business education, fine art publications, fine art mentoring, marketing, social media, and more.

At RMG, we pride ourselves on the relationship we have with our business partners and exhibitors. We strive to follow four key objectives:

  • Be a service-oriented company with helpful, caring employees who are experienced in exhibitor relations and customer service
  • Create an attendee experience that goes beyond traditional expectations
  • Build marketing plans that support the success of the event as well as the community with an emphasis on social media, content management, print and electronic media, community outreach and public relations
  • Build strong relationships with exhibitors by communicating regularly, listening objectively, defining clear initiatives, and measuring progress

Join us at one of our upcoming fine art fairs, including Art Santa Fe, Art San Diego, Artexpo New York, [SOLO], [FOTO SOLO]Spectrum Miami, and Red Dot Miami.

Interested in attending or exhibiting at one our events?

Let Us Help You Do Better Business

Redwood Media Group offers more than just art shows. We expand on the basic principal that opportunity can potentially elevate you to develop and refine your place in the art world. We’re here to make that happen! Let us know how we can assist you with getting your exhibit process started.

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