[ PLATFORM ] Artist of the Year Awards

Redwood Media Group, in partnership with Art Brand Studios, created the [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year Awards to empower talented artists and introduce their work to the world. Our jury has selected the 10 finalists and Special Category Winners, and the 2016 Artist of the Year winner, Kevin Grass, was announced at Spectrum Miami 2016 during Miami Art Week. We’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who participated in the inaugural edition of the [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year Awards Contest!

[ PLATFORM ] Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kevin Grass, our official [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year! We’d also like to congratulate the Special Category Winners and each of the finalists for their incredible work.

Kevin Grass
Kevin Grass
Kevin Grass, Intimacy
Kevin Grass
Kevin Grass

[ PLATFORM ] Contest Top 10 Finalists

  • David Gonzales
  • Sergio Valenzuela
  • Julie Schumer
  • Rae Broyles
  • Sara Conca
  • Flavio Galvan
  • Jeremy Sicile-Kira
  • Veronica Leiton
  • Kevin Grass
  • Leon Oks

[ PLATFORM ] Special Category Winners


  • Jean Jacques Porret and Steven Lustig


  • George Saitas and Charleen Baugh

Mixed Media

  • Mary Hong and Beth Goldberg


  • Alexis Silk and Elizabeth Dunlop

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