Rob Hibbs

As Director of Web and Internet Technologies, Rob enjoys creating the virtual environment that artists use to help promote themselves and gain a cutting-edge advantage in the art market. As a web designer, graphic designer, email marketing manager, and photographer he assists the company in a multitude of areas and helps create the innovative brand and web presence for the company.

His vast background in Arts and Technology spans over 17 years. He began his career as a technician in the high-end electronics field quickly evolving into a Production Manager. Looking to expand his creative horizons, he joined Art Select (a fine art print retailer) as a Graphic/Web Designer and moved into the position of Promotions Manager, working alongside the Sales and Marketing Department to launch monthly marketing campaigns.

When he’s not working with artists at Redwood Media Group, Rob spends time assisting other clients with their websites. He also enjoys ice hockey & softball.

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