Director of Sales/Exhibitions

Rosana Rader

For over a decade, Rosana Rader has been helping artists, galleries, and publishers around the world find success. From developing sales training programs to coming up with innovative event concepts, her vast wealth of knowledge and proven track record in driving profits make her an integral part of Redwood Media Group’s sales team. Prior to joining RMG in 2014, Rosana was an art consultant, boasting over $5 million in sales, before being promoted to Art Brand Studios’ Executive Director of Operations, where she was responsible for overseeing five galleries.

When she’s not busy concocting creative sales initiatives and promoting her global clientele for RMG, Rosana enjoys spending time with her children—she’s the proud adoptive mother of a 12-year-old tween and 5-year-old superstar, and a foster mom to a gorgeous 1-year-old—as well as reading, writing, and spending time on the lake. Rosana, who lives in Monterey, CA, also owns an antique store.

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